Lauren Gibbons 

Mama Flow Yoga™ founder, E-RYT, RPYT, MA

Like the majority of my students, I was drawn into the yoga world through the physical practice. My first classes were in 2008 at a gym and I used the class as a stress-reliever and to stretch my body out after tough strength workouts.

I spent my 20s moving around the country, from one unhealthy relationship to another, throwing myself into my corporate marketing career. I searched for a sense of peace and happiness anywhere I could find it outside myself. Through this searching, I kept coming back to my yoga mat for the physical release with the hope that it would also help ease the anxiety I struggled with.

It took a few years of practice, but I found yoga transmuted my experience with anxiety.  I also realized happiness and peace were inside me the entire time. This practice left a permanent imprint on my heart and soul and through that deep love affair with yoga I discovered I wanted to share the gift of yoga with others. 

Years later, my incredibly challenging and heart opening initiation into motherhood made my purpose in teaching yoga crystal clear. I wondered why there wasn't more local and online support available for pregnant and postpartum women and decided I would be that support.

I now support mamas and mamas-to-be through the transformative experience of pregnancy and early motherhood. I guide my students through the practices of movement, breath, and meditation to gain strength, find balance, heal their cores and connect to their inner goddess wisdom. I live by the mantra “nurture me, nurture you.” I love to share this principle and lifestyle with my students. Mothers spend a majority of their time caring for others, often neglecting their own needs. I enjoy serving and caring for this population of students and teaching them how to better care for themselves so they can move through motherhood with more grace. 

I help pregnant women who are struggling with physical aches, discomfort or emotional anxiety have a more easeful, joyful pregnancy and birth experience. My postnatal and “mama & baby” work helps heart-centered mamas regain their core, pelvic floor and overall strength, while connecting with their bodies, minds and new babies. I also help overwhelmed and time-crunched mamas who are struggling with finding time for self-care, cultivate more mindfulness in their parenting and lives in general so they can better support their own needs and those of their family. 

I am a 200-hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), Registered Prenatal Yoga Instructor (RPYT) and a certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist. I hold a Master of Arts in Communications from Johns Hopkins University.

Since 2017, I've focused my continuing education on Yoga for Women's Pelvic Health with my teachers Leslie Howard and Shannon Crow. I learn from and collaborate with Pelvic Health Physical Therapists in Chicagoland and Online. Please contact me for a list of PHPT recommendations!

I love helping women navigate the joys and challenges of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood through an integrated practice of movement, breath and meditation. I believe strongly that through the physical postures, meditation, breathing techniques and spiritual practices of yoga, the body, mind and spirit are awakened and transformed! 

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