Summer Solstice, Light, Renewal and What Yoga Means to Me

“Beyond doing, beyond understanding” involves a tremendous spirit of letting go. When we let go in this way, it is remarkable what we may receive, just outside the reach of our willful attempt to grasp. - Tias Little

Happy Summer Solstice and Happy International Day of Yoga. Today we celebrate yoga, sunshine, transition and the longest day of the year. Today represents the chance to renew, change, grow and move forward on a new path. Many yogis will celebrate with a tradition of doing 108 Sun Salutations. I will be teaching Prenatal tonight and we’ll do plenty of lunge sun salutes (don’t worry, not 108, more like 15!)

I pulled the above quote from one of my favorite teacher's Tias Little because he expresses what yoga means to me so perfectly and more eloquently than I ever could.

I found yoga through the physical Asana practice around 10 years ago. My first classes were in a gym and I would go to yoga class right after a tough strength workout to stretch out my sore muscles. 

Savasana was a form of slow torture. I counted down the seconds until the teacher would tell us to get up because lying with my own shit, my monkey mind, my anxiety was too uncomfortable. 

It wasn't in my nature to be still, to not do, to not understand. It still isn't. I've learned to go against my tendencies because of what I've found through the practice, because I relish the stillness and all I receive.

I need the stillness. I need the quiet. We don’t get enough of it in our society. We don’t get enough as moms. Often, it seems as if we have 20+ priorities competing for our attention. 

I love yoga because of the balance it brings to my life. I love the balance of stillness, the equanimity of my mind, the focus and the tough physical work required. Yoga gives me the ability to facilitate positive change, in my own life and in the lives of my students. 

If you haven’t found that stillness and quiet, I encourage you to keep practicing. Keep returning to your mat to move, keep sitting for meditation.

And if there’s something you want to change in your life, something you want to let go of, let this time of light and renewal propel you forward on a new path.

What brought you to yoga? What keeps you coming back to your mat? I love asking my students this question because often what initially draws them into the practice is completely different from what keeps them coming back.

I want to hear from you! Share your thoughts below or pop over to Instagram to join the conversation! 

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