Summer Solstice, Light, Renewal and What Yoga Means to Me

Happy Summer Solstice and Happy International Yoga. Today we celebrate yoga, sunshine, transition and the longest day of the year. Today represents the chance to renew, change, grow and move forward on a new path. Many yogis will celebrate with a tradition of doing 108 Sun Salutations. I will be teaching Prenatal tonight and we’ll do plenty of lunge sun salutes (don’t worry, not 108, more like 15!)

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Honor your body

“Yoga begins right where I am - not where I was yesterday or where I long to be” - Linda Sparrowe

As I stood on the seamstress's pedestal, I could feel that nasty voice rising up in my mind - you know, that one that only directs negative comments inward. “Look at that belly pooch, why haven't you been able to lose more weight? You look terrible in that dress and it won’t even zip at the top.” In reality, it won’t zip at the top because my breasts are huge right now to provide nutrition for my 3-month-old baby, but the nasty voice doesn’t care. 

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Meditation Mama Part 1

Thursday at 1 a.m... my adorable, hilarious, and curious 20-month old son woke up in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder. He must be teething. (Still? Feels like a lifetime…how many teeth do they get anyway?) I tried patting his belly, rubbing his back, quietly singing songs, rocking, shushing. Finally, he goes back to sleep. SCORE! I tip-toed out the door and CREAAAAAK…Damn those lovely, but old wood floorboards. I froze. SCREAM! Back in again. Rub, pat, rock, sing, shhhh. Repeat 3 times that night. Each time I was jolted awake while my husband is still sleeping peacefully.

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