Private Postpartum Yoga
in Chicagoland & Online

A Custom Program to help You heal your core and Pelvic floor, reduce anxiety and Rebuild your Strength while honoring your new body


I see you new mama! You nurtured your growing baby inside you throughout pregnancy. You endured hours of labor and pushing or a surgical birth and recovery. You worked so hard for this and now your beautiful babe is here. You're so in love with this new, tiny person, but everything has changed and you feel like a different person with a new body.

Perhaps you’re struggling with diastasis recti (DRA), a weak core, back pain, sore shoulders, or pelvic floor issues like leaking or pelvic organ prolapse (POP).  You’re exhausted, covered in milk and spit-up and desperately need time to recharge, but you can’t imagine where you could fit an hour plus drive time to go to your local yoga studio or gym.  

Maybe you’ve tried attending a “get your body back” bootcamp style class or group fitness class and you ended up frustrated or in pain. You might have even tried attending your usual pre-pregnancy yoga class, but you didn’t feel confident or safe modifying poses to accommodate your healing postpartum body. Or, maybe you’re looking for a more individualized experience where you can safely care for your postpartum body, gradually deepen your yoga practice, develop mindset practices and incorporate more meditation and breathing techniques.  

I've been there too. Twice. I’ve experienced the zombie-like state of sleep deprivation. I've felt the anxiety and overwhelm of new motherhood. I've judged my body and felt impatient that it didn't recover fast enough from a c-section birth. I've lost my strength. I've felt the complete lack of energy from breastfeeding around the clock and the resulting carb and sugar cravings. All of it.

Through private in-person or virtual postnatal yoga lessons, I will help you heal and rehabilitate your core and pelvic floor while increasing your strength. I’ll teach you proper posture and alignment to support you in your daily activities...all while honoring the life-changing experience of becoming a mother. You'll feel deeply nurtured and cared for as you heal. 

We'll focus on breathing techniques and mindful movement to help you connect to your core and pelvic floor muscles. We’ll stretch muscles that are tight and overused from nursing/feeding, carrying and rocking your baby, while strengthening muscles that tend to be weak in new mamas.

While practicing the physical poses, meditation and breathing, we’ll work on renewing and deepening a connection to your body, mind and heart. In addition to the physical benefits, you’ll reduce symptoms of anxiety as you get some much-deserved time for self-care and reflection. When you take this time to heal your body, mind and heart, you will be able to care for your family with compassion and grace!  

I will design and tailor a program to your specific needs, your schedule and the stage of your postpartum journey. We'll work together to set up a quiet yoga and meditation space in your home and we’ll find time in your schedule for your coached sessions with me and your solo practice. I’ll teach you how to carve out this time for yourself and help keep you accountable. The program and your practice are fluid and they will shift based on your individual experiences through the practice and the feedback I get from you.  

In addition to a custom program, you will receive individual care and attention. I will coach and guide you through online postnatal yoga sessions, in-home sessions or a combination. I will offer you support and suggestions on your alignment and make myself available via email and video chat to answer any questions you may have. You will receive photo sequences, videos and guided meditation recordings so you can continue your home practice.

It’s unrealistic for many moms I work with to get child care for our yoga times, so your baby is welcome at our sessions. We can weave your baby’s participation into sessions or they can simply sleep or play nearby. Mama & Baby Yoga is a natural way to bond with your baby. I will teach you exercises you can do together and gentle movements you can perform on your baby. You’ll learn basic baby massage techniques that calm baby for sleep and relieve gas. There are no expectations for your baby to participate or behave in a certain way and you don’t need to worry if your baby is having an “off” day. Needing to feed, change or soothe a crying baby during a session is all a normal part of the experience! 

Becoming a mother or adding a new baby to your family are transformative experiences and it’s possible to move through them with more ease and joy!  

*Note - please check with your OBGYN, Midwife or Women’s Health Physical Therapist before returning to yoga after birth or beginning a postnatal yoga program. If you're currently working with a Women's Health / Pelvic Health Physical Therapist (which I highly recommend!), I will work with them to ensure I design a program that complements your rehabilitation.

Chicago and Southwest Suburbs Locations Served:
Beverly, Mt Greenwood, Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn, Alsip, Palos, Orland Park, Tinley Park, Homer Glen, Frankfort, Mokena, Lockport, New Lenox

Steps to Working with me: 

  1. Schedule a 30-minute complimentary, no-obligation consultation call with me, to find out if private postnatal yoga and meditation coaching is a fit.  

  2. When you book your time, please answer the background questions so we can have a productive conversation about where you need support. 

  3. At the scheduled time of your consult, we’ll chat! We’ll exchange information, set expectations and I’ll answer any questions you might have. We’ll make sure the relationship is a fit before you commit. This also ensures our first in-person meeting is a full and productive session.  

  4. Then we’ll get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need. Have questions? Email me at .

Yoga for Postpartum Pelvic Floor Health

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